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Sofa King Good Bakery

Treat Yourself & Your Pain!

-   ABOUT US  -

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Here at Sofa King Good Bakery we are proud to bring you the tastiest treats that can also help provide other benefits, unlike most baked goods on the market. Only the highest grade, lab-tested concentrates go into our products to create the greatest combination of flavor and potency.


We live in very exciting times, with cannabis at the forefront of many conversations regarding health. More people are accepting the many health benefits that using Cannabis in its' many forms can provide. Not every person is comfortable or wishes to smoke the plant, so we are happy to offer wonderful alternatives in the form of tasty treats, savoury snacks and delicious edibles.

We aren't doctors by any means, but many of our happy clients have expressed gratitude that our products have provided pain relief, sleep aid, help with all kinds of anxieties, body and muscle relaxation and numerous other health benefits. We always recommend consulting a doctor before making serious health, medicine and lifestyle changes.

Our menu is all hand-crafted in small batches and is always expanding! 

We carry a wide range of products -

from cookies to brownies, pretzels to peanut butter,

chocolates and hand-made jams,

even a handful of Vegan & Gluten Free treats.

Contact us at for further inquiries, bulk and wholesale orders, custom orders and shipping options or complete this form:

We source the highest quality, lab-tested concentrates (Rick Simpson Oil, THC Distillate and CBD isolate) to ensure proper dosing in each lovingly made treat and product. Sourcing the healthiest choices for ingredients is also very important to us.


To keep up to date with everything exciting we have going on at Sofa King Good Bakery, including contests, events and things we think are cool, follow along on social media!

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